Aquaponics. Want to know more about Aquaponics?. If there was ever a time in the modern era to start growing food--it is NOW.

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    Anyone interested,. Whether they have an Aquaponics Systems or not, can contribute, participate in, and benefit from this community

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    Workshops and Training

    Workshops and Training. We're tasty and we can help you feed you and your family with organic vegetables and home-grown fish.

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    Aquaponics. Sustainable Solutions to Feed our Country

    Aquaponics is a dedicated fund-raising initiative. Through this program, we're raising awareness about our country food shortage issues. Aquaponics Panamá is a not-for-profit and the sole beneficiary of the initiative. Utilizing on-site instruction and interactive training programs created by the group, the organization educates in-need communities around the country to become self-sufficient using fundamental aquaponic gardening methods. Want to learn more? Check out our links for more program details, recent write-ups, contributor information, and how you can help!

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    What Is It?

    “Aquaponics” is term describing a new technology, combining aquaculture, the cultivation of fish, and hydroponics, a water-based cultivation of plants. As remarkable as it sounds, this new technology allows both vegetables and fish to be produced incredibly efficiently at a scale that will fit into a typical back yard.

    The basis for aquaponics is the symbiotic relationship between fish and plants that allows both to be raised together in a natural balance.

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    • Veggies. Every vegetable you see on the salad plate can be grown in your Aquaponic System. Read more

    • Fish. Fish are the power house of an aquaponics system, they provide the nutrients for the plants and if your growing edible fish. Read more

    • Water. Growing System is all about the water. Water quality is a high priority and insures the growth of healthy fish and plants. Read more


    You are an inspiration, and are doing so much to empower people and communities to take control of their own food security. This course was life-changing.
    Yamileth Garces
    Just imagine how great things can be if you have your own organic garden to boast about. Thats exactly what Aquaponics 4 U is for.
    Christopher Flynt, Tucson, Arizona
    In 20 years of organic gardening in the ground, this is the sweetest lettuce I have ever eaten.
    Jessica Atkinsons